Indicator System for Academic Research

This research report recommends methodology and detailed content of an indicator system for the national science policy; it reviews the steps necessarily to take in order to establish such a system, the institutional framework and its visualization on the web. HETFA was commissioned by the Agency for Education to execute this research project hand in […]

The use of space and public administration: analysis of the reorganization of local government

HETFA Research Institute conducted an analysis for the National Institute of Public Administration between March and September, 2011 on the social and spatial effects of the establishment and the assignment of centres and boundaries of the new public administration districts. Through the research our aim was to contribute to the establishment of local administration districts, […]

Development strategies of small- and medium enterprises (2007-2013)

HÉTFA – Ernst & Young Tanácsadó Kft. (2010): “Development strategies of small- and medium enterprises (2007-2013)” – intermediate evaluation We performed the intermediate evaluation of “Development strategies of small- and medium enterprises (2007-2013)” in association with Ernst & Young Consulting Ltd. The evaluation was ordered by the Ministry for National Development and Economy. We analyzed […]