Gábor Balás granted by Creating Opportunities Award

The award under the title Creating Opportunities recognized the work of the managing director of HÉTFA Research Institute realized through his professional support for inclusion policy. It was awarded by Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Capacities, and handed by Károly Czibere, Minister of State for Social Affairs and Inclusion.

Lecture of Klára Major, HÉTFA’s Research Director in the Ministry of National Economy

The research director of HÉTFA Research Institute held a lecture in the Ministry of National Economy on the 19th of January in the framework of the South Korean “Knowledge Sharing Program” (KSP). The workshop titled as “Business investment promotion in taxation – measures, experiences and challenges of evaluation” was organised by the Department of the […]

Does Subsidized Childcare Matter for Maternal Labor Supply? – The Latest Piece of HETFA Working Paper Series

HETFA Working Paper No. 9. authored by Agnes Szabo-Morvai and Anna Lovasz provide a credible cutoff-based estimate at a policy-relevant point on the effect of subsidized childcare availability on Hungarian mothers’ labor supply. The approach of the authors is that in order to find the most effective mix of policies and forecast the benefits of investment in childcare expansion, […]