Integrated Urban Development Strategy for Hévíz City

The Representative Body of Hévíz approved the Integrated Urban Development Strategy which entered into force on 1st April 2018. Changes in the city life necessitated the development of a new integrated urban development strategy relying on various research activities for the period of 2017 and 2023 to increase the demographic as well as the social, […]

Gábor Balás granted by Creating Opportunities Award

The award under the title Creating Opportunities recognized the work of the managing director of HÉTFA Research Institute realized through his professional support for inclusion policy. It was awarded by Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Capacities, and handed by Károly Czibere, Minister of State for Social Affairs and Inclusion.

Design Guides for Urban Municipalities prepared by HETFA

Design Guides for Urban Municipalities aims to provide support in forming the settlement’s facade and cityscape. It builds on the local specificities and supports to preserve the original cityscape. Our colleagues from the Urban and Regional Development Office of HÉTFA prepared Design Guides for Urban Municipalities for four Hungarian cities with different characteristics (Keszthely, Hévíz, […]