Presentation of Balázs Szepesi at the 16+1 Forum in Budapest

Balázs Szepesi, Strategic Director of HÉTFA Research Institute, held a lecture titled China in Hungarian perspective at the 16+1 Forum. This event discussed the prospects of economic cooperation between China, and Central and Eastern European countries. The Strategic Director of HÉTFA emphasized in his lecture that although China is a distant and unfamiliar culture for […]

Presentation of András Csite in Subotica-Szabadka

András Csite, Managing Director of HÉTFA Research Institute and Center for Analysis held a lecture on young people’s labour market situation at the conference titled Young Hungarians in Vojvodina-Vajdaság. The event was organized by the Hungarian National Council. Mr Csite emphasized that the Carpathian Basin has to face two major challenges ont he labor market. […]

Lecture of Károly Mike at the WINIR Symposium

Károly Mike, senior research fellow at HÉTFA Research Institute gave a lecture titled „Who can actually craft institutions? On the institutional calculation debate” at the third WINIR Symposium in Johannesburg. One of the significant issues of economics is how to create the knowledge needed for developing proper institutions. To what extent can economics itself contribute […]