International Exchange of Experience

Ms. Vera Iváncsics, groupleader of the Urban and Regional Development Office of HÉTFA Reserach Institute spent one month in Magdeburg at the energy agency of the Saches-Anhalt province (Landesenergieagentur Sachsen-Anhalt, LENA) with the Pioneers into Practice (PiP) scholarship. Associate of HÉTFA got an insight into the daily work of the agency: how they incite the […]

Economic development strategy of Muravidék

Economic development strategy has been presented in Bánffy Centre on 12th October. The development programme has been exposed by Ferenc Horváth, President of Hungarian Municipality of National Community, Peter Kiss-Parciu, Deputy Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Edit Szilágyiné Bátorfi, Hungarian Ambassador of Ljubljana and András Csite, managing director of HÉTFA Research Institute. […]

Researchers’ Night 2016: enhancing relations between scientists and everyday people

For the 7th time, this year HÉTFA Research Institute contributes again to the Researchers’ Night in Hungary. On the 30rd September visitors can get an insight to researchers’ life and work again. Interactive presentations, experiments, exhibitions and competitions – these are just a few of the many different programs offered by the organizers. The main […]