Series of debates on the four freedoms of the EU with the assistance of HÉTFA

The international project “EU3doms: Debate on the Four Freedoms of the European Union” was sucessfulle completed with the support of the International Project office of HÉTFA. Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Romania and the candidate country Serbia have participated in the project which aimed to exchange experiences and common thoughts. Hungary was represented by Hévíz. As part […]

HÉTFA takes part in the organization of the Researchers’ Night

Participants of Researchers’ Night can get an insight into the backstage of researchers’ closed world on 29 September. HÉTFA is among the organizers of the traditional event, our colleagues will conduct the impact analysis of the project – similarly to previous years. The European Committee initated the event, that intends to show the relevance of […]

Presentation of András Csite in Subotica-Szabadka

András Csite, Managing Director of HÉTFA Research Institute and Center for Analysis held a lecture on young people’s labour market situation at the conference titled Young Hungarians in Vojvodina-Vajdaság. The event was organized by the Hungarian National Council. Mr Csite emphasized that the Carpathian Basin has to face two major challenges ont he labor market. […]