Role of Community Funds in the Dynamization of Underdeveloped Regions

The consortium of Pannon Institute for Analyses Ltd., HETFA Center for Analyses Ltd., Budapest Institute and Revita Foundation was commissioned by the National Development Agency (NFÜ) to carry out the „The Role of Community Funds in the Dynamization of Underdeveloped Regions”. The evaluation was conducted between July 2012 and March 2013. The evaluation has made […]

Evaluation of Developments Serving Roma Integration

The key question of the evaluation was to find out which factors and instruments or regulatory frameworks facilitate efficiently and which ones may inhibit the achievement of the related goals formulated in the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies and the EU 2020 Strategy. The evaluation has made suggestions at three levels, namely at […]

Cultural Institutional Framework Supporting Education

The primary objective of the evaluation was the assessment and analysis of the use of funds allocated from the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) aiming to develop cultural institutions’ services by promoting quality education and lifelong learning. Through a set of recommendations, the evaluation seeks to contribute to establishing the next programming period and the […]