The EU Funds for Easing Poverty in Hungary

Gábor Balás, Director of HETFA, together with Nóra Teller, researcher of the Metropolitan Research Institute held a lecture on the conference titled “Protection, Activeness and ability” on 10 February 2015. In their lecture on “The EU Funds for Easing Poverty in Hungary”, they presented the results of the EU Funds evaluation. They argued that the […]

Workshops on the Evaluation of Employment Pacts in Hungary

András Csite participated in the employment policy workshops of the project called “Employment-partner – Partner in employment”. The director of HETFA presented the first results of the research on the situation of the employment pacts currently in force. The aim of the many employment cooperation (pacts) is to harmonise activities of private and public actors […]

Reports of the Expert Evaluation Network approved and published by the Commission

The Director of HÉTFA, Gábor Balás works in the Expert Evaluation Network for several years now, the entity delegated by the Directorate-General for Regional Policy of the European Commission.  The objective of this network of experts is to synthesise evidence on the performance of Cohesion policy in the 2007-2013 period by examining the physical and financial performance of the […]