HETFA had a key role in the conference of ”Employment Programmes with the support of the European Social Fund”

The conference “Employment Programmes with the support of the European Social Fund” presented the significance and results of interventions targeting employment in the frame of Széchenyi 2020 programme. the Managing Director of HÉTFA Research Institute led the panel discussion about the Internship Program. The conference presented the measures that promote the employment of youth, inactive […]

Presentation of Balázs Szepesi at the 16+1 Forum in Budapest

Balázs Szepesi, Strategic Director of HÉTFA Research Institute, held a lecture titled China in Hungarian perspective at the 16+1 Forum. This event discussed the prospects of economic cooperation between China, and Central and Eastern European countries. The Strategic Director of HÉTFA emphasized in his lecture that although China is a distant and unfamiliar culture for […]

Impact assessment in focus

On the 28th April HÉTFA Research Institute and Széchenyi István College for Advanced Studies held a conference about the experiences of impact assessments in social sciences. The conference was inspired by the book Poor Economics (Banerjee, A. V., & Duflo, E. (2011)). The lectures presented how incentives and institutions can influence the effectiveness of social […]