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Impact assessment in focus

On the 28th April HÉTFA Research Institute and Széchenyi István College for Advanced Studies held a conference about the experiences of impact assessments in social sciences. The conference was inspired by the book Poor Economics (Banerjee, A. V., & Duflo, E. (2011)). The lectures presented how incentives and institutions can influence the effectiveness of social […]

Research on the bargaining power of SMEs

HÉTFA Research Institute made a research on behalf of the Hungarian Competition Authority to reveal the factors that shape the bargaining power of small and medium-sized enterprises. The research examined factors influencing the market position and the bargaining power of Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises in the food and tourism industry. The analysis was mainly […]

Lecture of Károly Mike at the WINIR Symposium

Károly Mike, senior research fellow at HÉTFA Research Institute gave a lecture titled „Who can actually craft institutions? On the institutional calculation debate” at the third WINIR Symposium in Johannesburg. One of the significant issues of economics is how to create the knowledge needed for developing proper institutions. To what extent can economics itself contribute […]